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2023 Prices

We are always striving to be our best for you here at Evolve. That includes continuing education, and updating our machines and products to reflect our very high standards for results driven skincare and treatments. With overall product and operational expenses in addition to rent, we need to adjust our prices accordingly. 


Please see our updated 2023 pricing below. This will go into effect February 1st. We will honor the price of any facials and facial gift certificates booked or purchased before this accouncement, as well as all existing package facials. 

Gratuity is always included in our prices. We also never charge for any facial upgrades like micocurrent, LED, certain masks, etc. We fully customize each and every treatment, giving you everything that fits your needs. Thus, additional charges don't feel genuine to us. We'd rather have a clear set price with everything factored in, so we can always feel free to give you the best treatment possible

As always, the best deal is with our facial packages. Purchase three facials and receive a discount on each facial, plus 20% off all skincare products at any time during the span of your package. You can book these facials at your convenience. Just let your esthetician know at checkout if you'd like to choose this option. 

2023 Facial Prices 

60 min facial 145

90 min facial 195

60 minute facial w/ Kara 160

90 minute facial w/ Kara 210

60 minute facial w/ Aomi 180 (no adjustments this year)

90 minute facial w/ Aomi 240 (no adjustments this year)

Aomi is currently only serving her existing clients with the exception of her Energy Healing Journey, which is open for all to book. 

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