How to Stop Fixating on Your Skin

Paying attention to your skin is a good thing, but fixating on it (and letting it bum you out) is not. Here are some tips to help you back away from the mirror and go live your life.

✨Dim your bathroom lights. When I used to be a picker, I got so fed up with myself that I removed one of the bulbs from above my bathroom mirror. And, it really made a difference. Less light? Less obsessing.

✨Blur your eyes. Sounds silly, but it helps. Bathroom trips shouldn’t turn into face inspection trips. If you want to glance in the mirror, blur your eyes, and just acknowledge that beautiful person in the mirror without focusing on your skin.

✨ Go outside for a walk. When my skin used to be really bad, the only solace in my day and the only time that I really got out of my head was during a walk outside in nature.

✨ Start a gratitude journal. Sure, your skin may be going through some stuff right now, but start listing all the things you are grateful for and you’ll train yourself to notice those things more and more throughout your day. The worse I feel, the more I try to find. 25-50 is a good daily number.

✨Future self journal. This is a bit like gratitude journaling, but you’re writing a journal entry from the perspective of you, when you have the thing (clear skin). Come from a place of gratitude, and try to get into detail about how you feel “now.”

✨ Laugh. We know how healing laughter is. It relieves stress, boosts mood, and even strengthens your immune system. Watch comedies, sitcoms, bloopers, play a silly game, whatever gets you laughing.

✨ Don’t give in to fear. It can be scary when your body and skin is not cooperating with you. Personally, I know my mind likes to jump to unrealistic conclusions about what this means. Remember that you are safe, healthy, and strong, and this is temporary.

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