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Stem Cell Microneedling

90 minutes, $360 (gratuity included)


**Returning clients only- new clients must book a custom facial first**

Best for:

- normal to mature skin

- fine lines & wrinkles

- sun damage

- acne scarring

- uneven texture


- thorough double cleanse & numbing

- neck & shoulder massage

- microneedling treatment with growth factor serum

- LED light therapy

- foot & leg massage

Our philosophy is simple. Regenerate the skin while causing no harm. Many facial procedures nowadays follow the "more is more" approach. Yell at the body when all it requires is a whisper. Aggressive treatments can actually cause more inflammation to the skin, which yields an unsatisfactory result. Why? Because healing in the presence of inflammation is pro-fibrotic. What does this mean? It means that when treated too harshly, the skin produces scar collagen instead of healthy collagen. The difference: scar collagen is of lesser quality and forms in a striated (linear) pattern. It is weaker in the long run. Healthy collagen, on the other hand, forms in a crosslinked pattern, like a net, and is bouncy, providing stronger long term structure to the skin. 

We specifically micro needle at a depth of no more than 1mm so that we can a) harness the regenerative healing capabilities of the skin and b) induce quality collagen production in an anti-inflammatory state. Microneedling at this specific depth targets the dermal- epidermal junction, which is the key layer for collagen production. We don't go deeper than that because it's simply not necessary. 

Cutting edge bone marrow stem cell technology brings this facial to the next level and provides unparalleled results for your skin. Begin with a customized cleanse and topical numbing, followed by aromatherapy neck and shoulder massage. Next, stem cell growth factors are microneedled into the skin for collagen stimulation and facial rejuvenation. These pro-healing, anti-inflammatory growth factors and cytokines have remarkable regenerative effects on the skin. To further stimulate new collagen growth, this treatment includes a full 30 minute Celluma LED red light therapy session while you are treated to a relaxing foot and leg massage.

* Not available to first time clients. Must complete at least one of our other facials before microneedling. 

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