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Whether you have specific concerns or just want to relax, we've got you covered. In a clinical-meets-holistic approach, we rely on scientifically proven ingredients, products, and modalities, while integrating the therapeutic elements of healing touch for not only healthy, glowing skin, but a renewed sense of well being.

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Marine Collagen Anti- Aging Facial 

Bring out youthful, invigorated skin with this regenerative treatment. We'll begin with a red algae and marine collagen double cleanse, followed by a custom exfoliation selected for your skin. This is followed by myofascial release to melt away blockages in the muscular and lymphatic systems. Superficial fascia supports the skin but it can become tense and stagnant over time, allowing lines and wrinkles to settle in. We use massage techniques on the face, neck, and scalp to target fascia and give the skin an immediate lift. Microcurrent and/ or Celluma red light LED therapy will be used, as time allows, for their collagen stimulating benefits. Finally, settle into stillness with a cooling mask containing three anti- aging peptides, Vitamin C, and marine collagen, paired with a foot and leg massage to leave you relaxed from head to toe. Finish up with an antioxidant serum blend and a deeply hydrating moisturizer. 

ideal for: normal skin, tired/ dull complexions, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin 

Benefits include:

- visibly lifted skin

- restored definition and elasticity 

- reduced fine lines and wrinkles

- deeply hydrated skin

- brightened complexion 

- stimulated collagen growth 

90 min $180

gratuity included 

Evolve Custom Facial

Perfect for every skin type, this bespoke treatment is formulated uniquely just for you. A thorough skin analysis is followed by a double cleanse, a custom exfoliation, steam (depending on skin type), nourishing mask, botanical oil infused facial massage, essential oil neck and shoulder massage, foot and leg massage (as time allows), and finished with a hand selected toner, serum, and moisturizer. May include modalities such as high frequency, Celluma LED light therapy, microcurrent, gua sha, and lymphatic drainage. 

ideal for: new clients, all skin types


60 min $130

90 min $180

gratuity included

Bath Salts and Oils
Essential Oils

Stem Cell Facial 

Cutting edge bone marrow stem cell technology brings this facial to the next level and provides unparalleled results for your skin. Begin with a customized cleanse and exfoliation, followed by neck and shoulder massage.  Next, stem cell growth factors are nano needled into the skin for collagen stimulation and facial rejuvenation. These pro-healing, anti-inflammatory growth factors and cytokines have remarkable regenerative effects on the skin. To further stimulate new collagen growth, this treatment includes a full 30 minute Celluma LED red light therapy session while you are treated to a relaxing foot and leg massage. 

ideal for: mature skin, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, acne scars  

Benefits include:

- improved fine lines and wrinkles

- brighter complexion

- smoother skin texture

- reduced scarring 

- fading of hyperpigmentation 

- reduction in redness 

- new collagen growth 

 90 min $300 

gratuity included

Peppermint & Charcoal Detox Facial 

This clarifying treatment begins with an invigorating peppermint salicylic cleanse and ultrasonic high frequency vibration to effectively purge congested pores, followed by a gentle chamomile and jojoba lymphatic facial massage and extractions. You'll then enjoy a cooling Amazonian white clay mask featuring ginseng, calendula, and arnica to refine pores and rebalance the skin. This treatment also includes a full 30 minute Celluma blue LED light therapy session, an activated charcoal hydrojelly mask, and is finished with high frequency current, remineralizing toner, Vitamin C serum, and skin barrier supportive moisturizer. 


ideal for: oily skin, teen acne, adult acne, congested or bumpy skin, rosacea

Benefits include:

- elimination of acne causing bacteria

- improved skin texture and clarity

- improved lymphatic flow

- decreased redness/ pigmentation 

- enhanced skin nutrition

- accelerated tissue repair & healing


90 min $180

gratuity included 

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Buy in bundles and save!

60 minute Custom Facial Package

- Three 60 minute custom facials

- 20% off all retail at each appt 


gratuity included 

90 minute Facial Package

- Three 90 minute facials of choice

- 20% off all retail at each appt 


gratuity included 

Stem Cell Facial Package

- Three 90 minute stem cell facials

- 20% off all retail at each appt 


gratuity included